Short Academic Programmes


Short Academic ProgrammesShort academic programmes are an intensive and brief way to obtain knowledge.

These programmes are offered at many universities abroad. They can last from a few weeks to three months. Students are offered a wide range of subjects. These courses are very popular and are offered in a variety of countries - in Western Europe (especially in the UK) and Eastern Europe, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Students apply for such courses to receive new or improved knowledge; get acquainted with another education system; understand more about the lifestyle and culture of another country; improve language skills; or to explore and make decisions.


Short academic programmes abroad have lots of advantages:

  • intensive subject related studies
  • education in English
  • short term studies
  • familiarization with another education system


Short academic programmes may be considered an addition to degree studies as well as an upgrading for those who are working. These institutionally designed courses provide students with knowledge in a short and convenient way, and offer exchange opportunities between different universities, programmes and countries.

Furthermore participation in such courses is not all about study and work, as they will offer the student a varied menu of cultural events. These programmes are available the whole year round and especially during the summer holiday.

One more feature of short academic programmes abroad is variety. Your study experience will not only depend on the length of the course, but also the location of the university, the subject chosen, as well as the difficulty and level of study.

INSA Experts have brought together the general features of short academic programmes abroad in this chart:


Short Academic Programmes



majority – international students


from 1 week to 3 months


popular – during the summer

overall – during the whole year


usually – English




social sciences



and so on

Short academic programmes abroad are designed for Bachelors, Masters and PhD students as well as working professionals. It’s important to match a programme with your situation and to ensure that in a short period of time you receive the required knowledge. INSA ’s Experts will be able to provide you with expert guidance.

Study Method

Short academic programmes abroad could be divided according to study method in the following way:

Less than one month programmes

Most of them include lectures, seminars, essays and exams. A student receives a grade for each subject. In such a way international students have an option to transfer credits they received for this programme at their home university.

More than one month programmes

There are also short courses which have not such conventional approaches. Students have classes and write essays though don’t take a final exam. They receive a certificate of attendance without any grades after the course is completed.


Admissions requirements to short academic programmes depend on the selected course, university and country. INSA Experts prepared this list of average application requirements:


* Admissions requirements depend on the selected programme. Get in touch with INSA Experts to receive a consultation.




Programme type


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