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On-line CoursesOn-line study from abroad may sound like a new idea, but it is an established concept in many countries.

So then, what is on-line education, if it is unfamiliar? It’s a most flexible type of distance learning. 100% of studies is conducted electronically and includes lectures, seminars and exams. On-line courses became popular because of internet technologies and due to the changes in students’ lifestyle.

On-line courses provide students with an equal amount of studies as full-time education. The only difference is the study format. Studies are conducted on-line, requiring only a computer with internet access.

How does it work?

Your study centre creates a separate on-line account for you. You can access it through one of the university web-pages using a log in and pin. Such account provides you with:

  • list of courses
  • video lectures
  • study materials
  • access to teachers
  • access to other students
  • technical support

You can check who else is on-line among teachers and students and get in touch with them. The communication takes place through chat, video-call or e-mail.

Students also take exams on-line. For example, you will receive a link and will be required to log in within a week and to take a 3-hours exam. In such a way the time limit starts working as soon as you have accessed the test and you will be provided with a list of questions and then be allowed to type in your answers.


On-line courses have lots of advantages which eventually explain why such education became available. The major feature of on-line education is FLEXIBILITY:

  • you can study from any country in the world
  • you can study at any time
  • you design your own study plan (for example, 1 subject per semester)
  • flexible programme duration (up to 6 years)
  • you are allowed to stop and then continue your studies
  • you can combine education with full-time work, studies or other responsibilities
  • the knowledge you receive is equal to full-time studies
  • no additional living expenses
  • no need to apply for a visa


On-line courses were primarily designed for people who are employed full-time and therefore can’t study in a traditional way. Though the target of on-line programmes became wider and can include everyone whom this study option suits.

Due to the nature of on-line courses it’s popular to receive a Master’s degree on-line. Especially popular are on-line MBA programmes because they are designed for experienced students from a managerial background. Such professionals are often required to combine a responsible job with studying.

It explains why on-line business courses became so popular. Students can pursue the on-line education on following subjects:

  • Business Administration
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance and Auditing

The demand for on-line courses motivated universities to develop a complex portfolio of Majors. Among them are Law, IT, Psychology, Teaching and so on. The programme range also improved. You can receive not only your Master’s programme on-line but a Bachelor’s course as well. Short academic courses are also available.

If you want to find out whether the Major you are interested in is offered on-line, then you should get in touch with INSA Experts, who will examine your best options.


Admissions process to on-line courses is almost identical to that of similar full-time programmes.

INSA Experts prepared a survey of average admissions requirements to on-line programmes – for a Bachelor’s and a Master’s:

Admission Requirements* Bachelor Programmes

  • Education(Completed high school )
  • English(IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL iBt 78)
  • Additional, depends on country and university(completed a min of 1 year of Bachelor's programme in home country)

Admission Requirements* Masters Programmes

  • Education(Bachelor’s Degree)
  • English(IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL iBt 93)
  • Additional(motivation letter, reference letters, CV)

* Admissions requirements depend on the selected programme. Get in touch with INSA Experts to receive a consultation.




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