MBA programmesМВА (Master of Business Administration) – involves a complex study of business administration. MBA programmes abroad were created to meet businesses growing need for professionally qualified managers.

It’s very popular to receive an MBA abroad, especially from institutions in more economically developed societies.

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Master / MBA


Master / MBA










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International Baccalaureate



10 klas



Overseas universities with MBA programmes will produce high standard professionals. Their goal is to provide students not only with strategic and analytical thinking skills, but also with an understanding of various business departments, their culture and operations.

That is why MBA programmes abroad are so diverse and require students to study disciplines from various fields. Among the topics will be management, economics, finance, accounting, marketing, sales, and human resources.

An MBA is designed for those who have already had work experience and developed a clear view of their career. Therefore an important admission requirement for perspective MBA students is not only university education but also work experience.

The unique feature of MBA courses abroad is their completeness and universality. Business administration is a key element of any organization, therefore the skills and knowledge received through an MBA abroad, are universal in application. That is why further professional education attracts those who have already received a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and have gained work experience.

Another MBA feature is a unique and applied oriented study approach. An important part is the application of students’ professional experience. In classes you will analyse and discuss business cases, experienced with previous employers. In this way students exchange their valuable experience and applied knowledge with each other as well as develop effective business solutions.

A big percentage of the study process is team work, case studies and project work. Students can gain applied knowledge and develop useful contacts on various study trips, meetings with company representatives and guest lectures.

It’s important to understand that MBA programmes abroad are very intensive. In a comparatively short period of time, which is between 1-2 years, students work with a high volume of information. Due to the fact that MBA courses are designed for employed people, not every student will be able to leave their employment for 1 or 2 years to study. That is why on-line MBA programmes have become popular. In such a way you can receive a business education without going abroad. Students can also continue working and adjust these requirements to their study plan. The duration of on-line education ranges from 2 to 6 years and may be personalised and adapted to your working hours. You can receive more information about on-line courses by following this link.

These are only some potential conditions when choosing the appropriate business education for you. To decide on the right programme you need to consider many complex and hidden factors. For an effective programme search, you can get in touch with INSA ’s Experts. Our specialists will analyse your preferences, experience and career goals and then help to choose the MBA programme that suits you.


MBA graduates have many potential career prospects, as their knowledge and professional skills is applied to many industries. University graduates abroad utilise contacts with their previous employers, as companies may be interested to employ people with additional knowledge. It happens often that employers motivate their staff to apply to an MBA programme abroad and sponsor their education in order to improve performance.

Also in addition to your MBA, career development will depend on your own preferences, as well as on your previous work experience.


INSA ’s Experts have prepared a chart with average admission requirements to MBA programmes abroad:

* Admissions requirements depend on the selected programme. Get in touch with INSA Experts for a consultation.




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