Bachelor’s Preparation Programmes


 Bachelor’s Preparation ProgrammesIf you plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree abroad, we recommend you to consider university preparation programmes. In some countries the completion of such programmes is obligatory for admissions. Nevertheless it’s important to understand why you should choose such a programme and how they could be useful for you.

All students who want to study at the bachelor’s level should complete the high school education first. Nevertheless this may not be enough for successful admission to university or ensure study in the country that you prefer. INSA ’s Experts will analyse your situation and will help you to choose the most suitable study option for you.

Students from CIS countries graduate after the completion of 11 years school education. Though in many foreign countries especially in the UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand pupils receive an equivalent to 12 years education. This leaves a one year gap. In order to compensate there are university preparation programmes for international students. Find more information in Russian articles Высшее образование за рубежом or Ukrainian material Освіта за кордоном - all articles confirmed our Experts.


Bachelor’s preparation programmes abroad provide prospective students with numerous advantages:

  • adaptation to a different education system
  • familiarization with a country
  • language skills improvement
  • academic knowledge improvement
  • studying subjects in the language of further education
  • easier admissions to the university

How does it work?

Preparation centres have agreements with universities to make the student admissions process easier. If a prospective student has already decided on their university then he/she can apply for a specific preparation programme. If you achieve the required grade on this course, then you will be guaranteed an acceptance to the selected university.

If a perspective student hasn’t decided yet and would like to have more time to explore, then it would make sense to consider general or so called independent preparation centres. After the completion of a preparation programme a student could apply to any university or to a recommended partner university.

You can always get in touch with INSA Experts for a consultation and expert advice about preparation programmes.


There are two types of university preparation programmes abroad:

  • University based courses
  • Graduate year in a local school

Each of two options has advantages. Here is a chart that provides a comparison:


University based courses

Graduate year in a local school


100% international students

majority – local students


½-1 year

1 year


English language

Study skills

Subject related courses

Subject related courses

English language (optional)


Admissions process to preparation programmes is similar to bachelor’s admissions, though it’s easier. For instance, students can apply with a lower English level than those required for direct application to bachelor’s programmes. INSA ’s Experts have prepared an average admission requirements list:

bachelor’s programmes

* Admissions requirements depend on the selected programme. Get in touch with INSA Experts to receive a consultation.




Programme type


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