USALanguage: English

Capital: Washington

Population: 313 million


Everyone is familiar with the USA’s rich history, dynamic economic growth and influential role in the world. The huge size of the country, as well as populous and famous cities – from New York to Los Angeles, and its incredible nature - varying from green mountains to desert landscapes, as well as variations in climate will create the background for an education to any taste.

For those who are interested in politics or banking the East Coast will be an ideal place for study. For others who are focussed on IT and new e-technologies the West Coast (with the world renowned Silicon Valley) will provide excellent education and career opportunities. If you are interested in the tourist industry, sport or oceanology then the South of the USA, especially Florida, will be your destination number one.


The USA offers the greatest choice of majors and opportunities to combine education with the life style you prefer. This country is a home to such world famous institutions as Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, Princeton University and many more. American universities are valuable due to their unique study approach and because of the achievements of their graduates.

The American higher education system meets modern requirements. Diverse student needs as well as their employer expectations created demand for different types of institutions. For instance, you can study not only in universities in the USA, which are by the way the most expensive option, but also in colleges. Students can study in one institution and then transfer to another within the country. These are only a few examples of how flexible and personalized American higher education can be.

The education system in the USA illustrates country’s values towards professional development. That is why it’s not unusual that potential students in the USA are looking for key information, which is always included in university open days, – an average annual salary among graduates. American education system as well as giving good career opportunities, could be quite different to those you came across before. Therefore INSA Experts will help you to make the right choice.

It’s important to understand that the American education system is very different to those in CIS countries. Universities and colleges in the USA introduce many tests and independent evaluations. The method of student evaluation can seem very different to students, so in order to achieve a decent grade you will need to be informed and focussed on your subject in a new way. For example, sometimes if you fail an exam, you will not be allowed to continue your studies within this major in any other institution in the country. INSA Experts will help you to choose the best university course for you, with the potential to fully satisfy your academic interest and plans for the future.

One of many benefits of American education is English as a language of instructions. This means you are not required to learn a new language nor will you find it too hard to integrate. The most important factor is to have a relevant English knowledge or to be able to improve it to admissions standard. Contact INSA Experts - we will evaluate your English and will advise about suitable language preparation programme. We also offer On-line English lessons (link).

To help explain the education system in the USA, INSA Experts created a chart below:

Master’s Programme / МВА

2 years

Master’s Preparation Programme (optional):

3-12 months

Bachelor’s Programme

4 years

Bachelor’s Preparation Programme (optional):

1 year

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Master's preparation programmes

Short academic programmes

Professional qualifications

Language courses from 16+

On-line English lessons

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