United Kingdom

UKLanguage: English

Capital: London

Population: 62 million

Unites: England +Scotland + Wales + Northern Ireland


The United Kingdom is a country with profound traditions. She has not only a dynamic history but also plays a major role among other countries in the world. Its capital – London has been a world capital of economy, new technologies, fashion, history and indeed education for centuries.

The Royal family continues to be a symbol of established traditions and social stability. The new generation - Prince William and Kate Middleton - proves that the country welcomes new ideas and keeps up with the rest of the world.

Established British democratic institutions are well-known not only among European countries but also beyond. They have achieved high life standards and are responsible for the state’s future.

All these points and more show what the UK is proud of, for foreign students this offers a prestigious and established educational context.


The UK is famous to the world for the quality of education on offer; available to students from all over the world. The oldest and most famous world universities such as Oxford and Cambridge were established in England. Nevertheless there also are younger equivalent universities in specialised fields such as the world famous London School of Economics.

What makes the British education stand out? The profound educational values and standards that originated from the 12th century when the Oxford University was founded. It’s also important that British education meets student and employer expectations, and this explains the continued high demand for its graduates from these institutions.

Education in the UK provides students not only with subject knowledge but also useful skills for professional development. British programmes offer classroom situations which are performed following up-to-date teaching techniques but also contribute to soft skills development – presentation, negotiation skills and so on.

Undoubtedly the benefit of British education for international students is that English is the language of instruction. Students in any country study English from early years. This makes it not only a well-used language but also the first choice foreign language for a student from any country. If you know English well you have a chance to apply to any British university.

In order to help explain the British education system INSA Experts created a chart below:

Master’s Programme/ МВА

1 year

Master’s Preparation Programme (optional)


3-12 months

Bachelor’s Programme

3 years

Bachelor’s Preparation programme (mandatory)

Foundation/A-level/International Baccalaureate

1-2 years

For more information about these programmes follow links below:




Preparation programmes

Master's preparation programmes

Short academic programmes

Professional qualifications

Language courses from 16+

On-line English lessons

On-line education

University familiarisation trips


The UK has over 120 universities and that doesn’t include all the private institutions. Each of them is strong in a particular field. It’s important to understand which university suits whom. When students choose by themselves, they can easily make a mistake. For example, an individual chooses a famous university without knowing that its great reputation lies on a famous Science Department, so when they arrive to study business they are disappointed to understand that this school is not as prestigious. The point is that the student needs accurate information and inside knowledge about every institution to which they apply, to avoid such mistakes.

Each year in the UK university rankings are published. This list includes only state institutions and contains subject ranking as well as overall ratings. Lots of criteria are taken into consideration:

  • student feedback
  • career perspectives
  • a number of students per teacher
  • admission requirements

It’s important to understand that rankings vary every year. The higher a university’s ranking the harder to be accepted to the programme, especially for international students. It’s absolutely vital to choose the right place as well as to prepare admission documents in good time. You are welcome to get in touch with INSA Experts for advice. Everyone working for us is a graduate from an institution abroad. We, like no one else, know the job we are doing and we will surely help you to achieve your goals.

You can familiarise yourself with British university rankings published by Guardian 2013 following this link.




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