NorwayLanguage: Norwegian, Sami

Capital: Oslo

Population: 5 million


Norway. What do we know about it? For many international students this knowledge is limited to the fact that it’s a Scandinavian country at the north of Europe. Those who have visited this country at least once will remember it forever.

This country has very high economic, political and social standards. Facts speak for themselves. Norway is a country number one in the world for democracy and human capital development. It is also the fourth country in the world in terms of per capita income. Norway has the largest natural resources of gas and oil in the EU which makes 1/3 of its economy. Regarding social wellbeing this country has a Scandinavian model of the welfare state. And it’s not unusual that these factors have created the best environment for education and living.


The credo of Norwegian education over the last years was integration into international education. Norway has been working on increasing the number of programmes taught in English since 2007. As a result the country offers approximately 200 masters programmes in English on various subjects. Potential master students can choose among business related courses as well as among the humanities, social and other sciences. Students interested in offered Bachelors programmes can study business administration, ship building management, biology, acting and theatre. Norway has over 70 universities and colleges for higher education.

Norway can also offer the expert knowledge that the country received due to its geographical position and the industries that created its economy. This state has a unique expertise in the petroleum industry, oceanology and alternative energy sources. Due to Norway’s economic development it becomes increasingly popular among international students, to study business, management, human resources, finance and innovation.

Norway is different to other countries in its flexible and very personalized attitude towards education especially between teacher and students. All Norwegian universities provide up-to-date study facilities. This explains the impression of international students “… it’s like you enter a laboratory of new technologies”. You can read the interview with our student who received a Master’s degree in a Norwegian business school following the link.

The sporty and healthy life-style, from jogging to skiing as well as water sports, makes for an appealing way of life. The government also develops eco-technologies and takes care about the nature. A spectacular mountain landscape, especially the famous fjords, has already created a Norwegian brand.

INSA Experts created a chart on the structure of the highereducation system in Norway:

Master’s programme / МВА

2 years

Bachelor’s programme

3 years

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Preparation programmes

Master's preparation programmes

Short academic programmes

Professional qualifications

Language courses from 16+

On-line English lessons

On-line education

University familiarisation trips




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