New Zealand

New ZealandLanguage: English

Capital: Wellington

Population: 4.5 million


New Zealand is a southern hemisphere island nation with a pleasing style and high standard of life.

It has historical connections to the UK and belongs to the family of English speaking countries.

New Zealand became a popular study destination not only among western Europeans but also Americans, Canadians and students from the entire Pacific region. This state has a developed economy which produces many goods for export. New Zealand has a unique nature – forests, rocks, beaches, and most of its flora and fauna will not be found elsewhere. New Zealand became a uniquely lovely and comfortable place to reside. For students it offers a fine environment for study, a supportive and helpful atmosphere for research and living.


New Zealand traditionally maintains close relations with the UK, as well as other Commonwealth countries (those formerly part of the British Empire). The British monarch is still the nation’s head of state, for example, and legal and democratic institutions are modelled on England. Such long term historic, economic and cultural connections help to explain social attitudes that help New Zealand to maintain high standards of education.

The language of instructions in New Zealand is English. This allows international students to access various Majors in the universities here. English speaking environment also creates a good background for the exchange of experience among international students, teachers and professionals.

The New Zealand education system supports professional skills development that enables students to pursue successful careers. Among these strong features of study are presentation skills, critical thinking, communication and subject knowledge.

Despite being a relatively small New Zealand, with its location in the Pacific Ocean, the nation is able to attract students, professionals and researchers from all over the world. Educational globalization allows students get to know a rich mixture of different people, cultures and to gain international experience.

New Zealand has a positive socialatmosphere. International students usually refer to this country as a cosy place that has everything for comfortable living and studies. New Zealanders are friendly and open minded and this attitude makes it a very popular destination. Unique flora and fauna attracts many visitors from around the globe. Outdoor, water and mountain sports are regular activities. These make New Zealand well-known among international students.

INSA Experts offer this chart on the structure of the highereducation in New Zealand:

Master’s programme / МВА

1-2 years

Master’s preparation programme (optional):


3-12 months

Bachelor’s programme

3 years

Bachelor’s preparation programme (obligatory):

Foundation/International Baccalaureate

1 year

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Master's preparation programmes

Short academic programmes

Professional qualifications

Language courses from 16+

On-line English lessons

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University familiarisation trips




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