NetherlandsLanguage: Dutch

Capital: Amsterdam

Population: 16 million


The Netherlands are popularly associated with flowers and a liberal life style. Nevertheless this is, primarily, a highly developed and sophisticated country, with established eco-technologies and a high standard of living. This is not a large country in surface area, though it has a complex history with many economic, political and social achievements. The Netherlands became a very popular study destination among western Europeans. This country knows how to benefit from dynamic development and strategic approach in education.


Dutch universities have developed their own successful model of teaching. Every educational institution provides:

  • personalized approach to every student
  • international environment
  • applied knowledge
  • soft skills development
  • learning foreign languages

Such an individualised style towards study gives a solid background for professional development. A big number of international students in the Netherlands confirm that. Among them are many students from economically and socially established countries such as Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Internship is an obvious part of Dutch Bachelor programmes. It usually lasts from 4 to 12 months. This allows students not only to apply their knowledge but also to establish useful professional connections within their particular business or industry.

The Netherlands offers excellent travel connections and social infrastructure, along with a high standard of living. International students can choose from many places – 25 popular towns where students comprise 1/3 of population. This leads towards a sense of a positive learning environment especially for students away from home.

One other advantageous feature of studying in the Netherlands is a wide range of Bachelors and Masters programmes taught in English. Almost everyone in this country speaks English fluently which will minimize any potential language barriers.

INSA Experts present this chart on the structure of highereducation in the Netherlands:

Master’s programme / MBA

1-2 years

Bachelor’s programme

3-4 years

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