Language: French

Capital: Paris

Population: 65 million


France is the biggest EU country. Economically it is rated in 5th place in the world according to GDP. This status has created a demand for education in business, finance, management and marketing. French universities arrange guest lectures with business representatives to share experience with students. As well as its world famous cultural life, diverse society and history, France offers students the chance for an excellent educational experience, tailor-made to their requirements. Interesting information see in Russian article Высшее образование за рубежом in this site. All facts approved by INSA's experts.


Traditionally France is proud of its language and offers education in French. Though for international students there is an opportunity to study in English. It’s usually at comparatively small institutions that have been founded to serve the needs of relevant enterprises.

For the last ten years business industry and related disciplines have created a demand for business schools. Due to the international context of this industry education is offered in English. In contrast to business schools in other countries French schools are not a part of a traditional university with many faculties. French business schools are independent educational institutions that provide specific industry related knowledge.

Educational programmes in these schools are very intensive. Masters programmes can last for a year and include various courses as well as the completion of projects at the request of international companies, as well as the preparation of a thesis or final project. French education, especially its business field, concentrates on applied knowledge. Schools invite representatives of different industries to the class to share their experiences.

Not the least popular area of studies in France is Fashion and Design. Such education is available in private fashion schools that are well known internationally. They often have branches in other European countries. Nevertheless students come to the fashion capital – Paris. Educational programmes are not limited to Bachelors or Masters programmes. You can take short courses or study on a one-year-programme.

INSA Experts created a chart on the structure of the highereducation system in France:

Master’s programme / MBA

1-2 years

Bachelor’s programme

3 years

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Master's preparation programmes

Short academic programmes

Professional qualifications

Language courses from 16+

On-line English lessons

On-line education

University familiarisation trips

Also interesting link Освіта за кордоном - article in Ukranian. Much facts and only facts. More information can tell our experts.




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