Canada Language: English, French

Capital: Ottawa

Population: 34 million


Canada is a country of numerous opportunities and with beautiful nature. This country is the second largest on the planet and has a bigger territory than the USA. The large Canadian state benefits from huge natural resources and these industries often require qualified specialists. If you plan to build a life in the country where you aim to study, then we recommend Canada without any reservations.

Canadian history is reflected in its educational system. The university language of instruction could be either English or French. Western European traditions that were established in Canada explain the development of world class universities such as University of British Columbia, McGill University, University of Toronto. Nevertheless there are many relatively new institutions that meet state requirements and offer field training.

One of many Canadian benefits that make it extremely popular among international students is the university language of instruction – English. Nowadays everyone studies English from an early age in schools and universities. This makes it not only well used language but also the first foreign language for a student from any country. If you know English well, you can choose in which of many Canadian universities to apply to.

Not the least important is that economic growth in Canada, despite the present economic climate, has the capacity to produce jobs and creates demand for university graduates. An indication of a healthy economy is that it offers a good chance for students to find employment even during the period of their studies. Universities and other companies offer various employment options, from assistantship position in the student library to marketing/accountant positions in local businesses.

We recommend that you consider a Canadian education experience, because this gives the potential for excellent career opportunities and also supports immigration for people who graduate there. Nowadays no other country can confidently offer that prospect.INSA Experts created a chart on the structure of the highereducation system in Canada:

Master’s programme / МВА

1-2 years

Master’s preparation programme (optional)

3-12 months

Bachelor’s programme

4 years

Bachelor’s preparation programme (optional)

1 year

More information about these programmes you can receive following links below:




Preparation programmes

Master's preparation programmes

Short academic programmes

Professional qualifications

Language courses from 16+

On-line English lessons

On-line education

University familiarisation trips

Tuition Fees

Among English speaking countries Canada offers comparatively cheap education. For example, the costs of living in Canada will be lower than in the UK or the USA. Student employment opportunities mentioned above give help to cover study expenses. If you have a limited budget you can also benefit from the flexibility of Canadian education. For example, you can start studying in budget colleges and then transfer to more expensive universities.

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