AustraliaLanguage: English

Capital: Canberra

Population: 22 million


Australia might seem to be away from Europe but it shares the history and is closely connected to the western world. This country has high life standards, shows stable economic grows even under current circumstances and offers high quality education. Australia is the 6th largest country in the world though has only 52nd place in population. Rich in natural resources and economically successful Australia creates a high demand for qualified specialists. That is why offers excellent career for local graduates.


Australia has long term and close relationships with European and Northern America countries. Such connections have historical background as well as economic. Australian educational traditions originate from the Western Europe, from the UK in particular, whose Quine is still the monarch of Australia. This explains how Australian education imported the best from the West and has already been recognized in other countries for a long time.

As an outcome many students from Europe, the USA and Canada come to study in Australia. You can meet there Germans, Norwegians, Swedish, American and many more others. A lot of international students also come on exchange programmes which contribute to the popularity of studies in Australia. This country is a home to such universities as University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of Queensland which are among the best institutions in the world. Please read more about Высшее образование за рубежом in our site in Russian version or Ukranian version of site (see Освіта за кордоном). All articles from INSA Experts.

Australia also takes care about career perspectives of resent graduates. Due to considerable natural resources, large territory and comparatively small population for this country, the state requires more specialists in various fields. Australia not only maintains relationships with established economies of western countries but also develops partnership with major countries in Asia. Such international importance of the country creates a positive environment for graduates employment as well as opportunities for immigration to Australia.

Australia is also famous by its uniquely beautiful nature. 85% of its flora and fauna couldn’t be found in any other country. These create a life style which makes Australia a popular study destination among international students. Locals spend lots of time outdoors which also reflects Australian climate – warm temperature all year round. Various sports became a part of everyday life there. Australians are also very friendly and easy to deal with which creates the same atmosphere within university environment.

INSA Experts created a chart on the structure of the highereducation system in Australia:

Master’s programme / МВА

1 year 

Master’s preparation programme (optional):

3-12 months 

Bachelor’s programme

3 years 

Bachelor’s preparation programme (obligatory):

1 year 

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Preparation programmes

Master's preparation programmes

Short academic programmes

Professional qualifications

Language courses from 16+

On-line English lessons

On-line education

University familiarisation trips




Programme type


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