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Study programme and country searchIt’s vital to choose the best study programme for you and your future. Otherwise you could waste your time and your money on the wrong course, in the wrong country. This is a common mistake faced by international students.

Avoiding these big mistakes, making the best decision, will depend on proper consideration of all your personal objectives, from future career plans to budget limitations.

INSA Experts will provide you with a complete counselling service. When we select a country and an overseas programme for you, we take into consideration your experience, achievements and preferences. Furthermore we will carefully examine what a country and programme can offer to you.

Factors we evaluate while choosing a suitable option for you are:




language knowledge


official language

knowledge of the language of instruction


language of instruction

preferred study duration


average study duration

chosen speciality


industry development

interest in internship


condition of economy



employment market + immigration rules

study budget


average tuition fees

budget for living expenses


average living expenses

proof of finances/intention to return home after studies


visa requirements

climate preferences






In order to make everything happen in your favour and run smoothly – contact our specialists. Each of them made the same very important decisions while choosing to study abroad. Today they are successful graduates of universities abroad and offer their expertise to no-one but you.

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