On-line english lessons

INSA offers you a convenient and enjoyable way to improve your English.

On-line English lessons


We provide three types of lessons:

1) Conversational English with a Native Speaker

2) IELTS Preparation

3) Conversational English+ IELTS Preparation


We have a contemporary on-line study technique with unique teachers of English.

If you study English with us there are fewer limitations of place, time or price. All you need is a computer and internet access. Lessons are held through Skype – whether you take a Conversational English course, or a Skype+Chat+E-mail option – if you need an IELTS Preparation course.


1) Conversational English with a Native Speaker

Lessons conducted with a native speak of British English – an Englishman who is living and working in the UK, who is a qualified teacher.

Conversational English with a Native SpeakerHis professional experience is not limited by only teaching. Therefore he will provide you with a wide range of topics for conversation, at different levels, and will certainly make your spoken English more fluent.

The unique experience of our teacher:

  • a journalist for national British magazines – Music (pop and rock) and Cinema columns
  • worked for Arts Council in the UK
  • taught Media and English Literature courses
  • worked in leading British university in English language and literature – the University of Leeds
  • taught English to international students outside the UK

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2) IELTS Preparation

IELTS PreparationIELTS Preparation course will provide you with the best IELTS training in a short period of time.

The lessons are held by a Russian-speaking teacher Iryna who has considerable experience of studying abroad - studied in England for 6 years. She has been teaching IELTS Preparation course for over 16 years. She offers you effective IELTS preparation using popular communication technologies such as Skype+Chat+E-mail+On-line Portal.

Iryna can help you with her own experience of preparing for IELTS. She passed IELTS in the process of gaining admission to universities overseas. She knows not only everything about IELTS but also understands your educational needs.

Our teacher takes IELTS tests regularly. This allows us to offer up-to-date studying techniques, as well as professional teaching based on test results.


3. Conversational English with a Native Speaker + IELTS Preparation

What can be better than to combine two courses for more effective results? The key to IELTS success is without doubt good preparation. INSA offers students of English language two courses together - Conversational English with a Native Speaker and IELTS Preparation.

The mandatory part of IELTS is an evaluation of your English Listening and Speaking skills. It takes 50% of the test. Why not practice with a native speaker from England on-line? This will surely improve your IELTS performance.



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